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Industrial training and education (Short courses, certificates, diplomas)

BRISC offers trainings (short courses, national certificate, and diplomas) along the livestock industrial value chains to all interested personals. We use a training model known as the skills for Production Enterprise Development and Accreditation (SPEDA) which equips a trainee with transformative skills and knowledge, to set up and run their individual or group livestock based enterprises. It is a Skills, Knowledge, Technology and Innovation transfer model that facilitates home based Enterprise development.  The SPEDA curricula is competence based, modular in nature enabling the participant to pass out with 5 educational products;

  1. A Skill
  2. An Enterprise
  3. A Product or Service
  4. An Academic paper and
  5. Membership in an Economic cluster.
A graduate of the SPEDA model is able to employ him/her self and able to at least employ 2 - 5 other people directly in his/her enterprise.
This training creates professional, commercial, organized and interlinked farmers in the agro-livestock sector. This is an essential ingredient of transforming peasant subsistence farmers to commercial farmers and unemployed or underemployed youth into to commercial artisans, transitioning them to the work-world and money economy.
Our trainings are open to the general public including (uneducated, school leavers, undergraduate, post graduate, farmers, and any organized groups people). All these are farm based intensive hands on skilling programs offered at a Makerere University Business Incubation center at Nakyesasa-Namulonge in Wakiso District. These trainings also focus on;
  1. Identification and creation of awareness of job opportunities along the different animal value chains (eg, Dairy, poultry, Piggery, Bee, Fish, Wildlife, Goat and Laboratory value chains)
  2. Identification and packaging of Skills, Knowledge, Technology, Linkages, Business support and competences required to engage in the identified job opportunities.
  3. Facilitating Skills, knowledge and Technology transfer to develop competences required to establish viable individual enterprises or be competitive in existing job market.
  4. Provide mentoring support for the development of viable, sustainable individual enterprises and economic clusters.
  5. Assessment and accreditation of successful participants with their enterprises.


Short course: Fish Processing students displaying their made fish products


Short courses:
BRISC offers a range of short courses for livestock sector enthusiasts. Individuals acquire knowledge and Skills to help them engage in Livestock enterprises; production and value addition. Interested applicants enroll as professional entrepreneurs to improve their skills in any of the following:


Payments shall be made on arrival at the Incubation center. The incubation center has limited number of accommodation slots, you may book in advance by calling 0783754323.However, we can also advise you on the surrounding accommodation places for your consideration.

The general public including (uneducated, school leavers, undergraduate, post graduate, farmers, and any organized groups people) can apply for any of the following short courses.

Target group:
 Any person with interest in setting up commercial livestock enterprises




Pasture Management and Business
In this Course you will learn

  • Pastures and fodder to feed cattle, Shoats(goats and sheep) to enhance milk production and/or weight gain
  • Establishment and management pastures and fodder crops/Trees(including ley pastures)
  • Pasture weeds and their management
  • Dairy Meal preparation
2 100,000

Pasture preservation methods, feeding practices and Business
In this course you will learn

  • Business Planning
  • Silage Making both small holder and large-scale and its feeding
  • Hay production and feeding
  • Total Mixed ration preparation and feeding
2 100,000

Breeding dairy cattle, calf Management and Business
In this course you will learn

Business planning

How to increase milk production using Breed selection techniques and breeding

Breeding management techniques to minimize disease

Calf Feeding methods to maximize growth/farm income

 Calf Husbandry

2 100,000

Dairy animal health, Dairy cattle performance indicators, record keeping and Business
In this course you will learn;

  • Business Planning
  • Dairy cattle performance monitoring
  • Farm Bio-security plan
  • Tick control
  • Dairy cattle diseases and conditions, their prevention and control
  • Dairy cattle Performance indicators and their application
  • Dairy cattle records management
2 100,000

Ice cream and Yoghurt making and business
In this course you will learn;

  • Frozen yoghurt making
  • Fruit yoghurt preparation
  • Yoghurt packaging and branding
  • Ice cream making and formulations
  • Ice cream packaging and branding.
3 250,000

Feed mixing and handling
In this course you will learn;

  • Selection of feed ingredients
  • Principles of feed mixing
  • Mixing equipments
  • Practical mixing of feed
  • Storage of feed
2 100,000

Poultry Brooding Management

  • Participant to learn how to do raise chicks and minimize chick losses during the brooding phase
  • Learn how to plan, site a brooder Manage chick health
2 100,000

Bio-security, Health and Record Management

  • Participant to learn
  • Business planning
  • Poultry diseases and conditions, their prevention and control to avoid ill health in flocks
  • To know key records and key indicators of profitability analysis
2 100,000

Manure management processing and Usage
In This Course Learn;

  • Participant to learn how to take care of Poultry manure
  • How to process Manure for use
  • How to use manure from poultry for crop fertilizer and fertigation
2 100,000

Honey Harvesting and processing Techniques
In This Course Learn

  • Harvesting  good quality Bee Products   
  • Processing and packaging of standard Honey 
  • Adding value to Honey
2 100,000

Value addition to other Bee products
In This Course Learn

  • Bees wax extraction
  • Making body cream  from Beeswax
  • Making body lotions from Beeswax and Honey
  • Making scented candles
2 100,000

Bee Basic Equipment production
This course will look at;

  • Making of local Bee hives
  • Making Kenyan Top Bar Hives
  • Making Catcher boxes
  • Making Bee gloves
2 150,000

Bee keeping management practices
This course will look at;

  • Siting for Hives
  • Baiting (Attracting Bees into the hive)
  • Hive installation
  • Pest and Predator  control
2 100,000

IMO technology application in Pig Housing and Husbandry
This Course you will learn;

  • Design and Construction of IMO house with minimal smells
  • Application of IMO technology in raising
2 100,000

Piglet Management techniques to maximize growth
In This Course you will learn;

  • Business Planning
  • High growth rate
  • Feeding regimes of piglets
  • Creep Feeding
  • Health Management of piglets
  • Identification
2 100,000

Feeding pigs for competitive carcass dressing percentages
In this Course you will learn;

  • Feed sources for pigs
  • Feed formulations for gilts, Lactating sows, Boars
  • Finishing pigs for pork
2 100,000

Pig Diseases, disorders and their Management
This course will look at;

  • Breeding practices for Pigs
  • Selection
  • Breeding methods
  • Synchronization
2 100,000

Soap Making
In this course you will learn;

  • Liquid soap making
  • Washing soap (bar)
  • Beauty Soap Making
2 100,000

Design, construction and management of Earthen fish ponds
In this course you will learn:

  • Siting for fish ponds
  • Pond construction
  • Fish feeds and feeding
  • Water quality management
  • General management for earthen fish ponds
3 300,000

Design, construction and management of Aquaponics fish rearing systems
In this course you will learn:

  • Aquaponics design and construction
  • Fish feeds and feeding in aquaponics
  • Water quality management in aquaponics
  • General management for aquaponics unit
3 300,000

Juice making
In this course you will learn:

  • Basics of nutrition
  • Good manufacturing practices
  • Hygiene and  general cleanliness
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Quality control and juice products certification
  • Juice making equipment’s and calibration
  • Product standardization
  • Making juice products such as mango juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, passion fruit juice and their combination, Cocktail juice,
3 250,000

Home baking production
In this course you will learn:

  • Basics of nutrition
  • Necessary equipment’s and there use in bakery
  • Daddies, Doughnuts, mandazi, Sumbussas, Chappats, Cakes, Cookies, Chaps, Sausages
  • Quality control and baked  products certification
3 250,000

Hair products making
In this course you will learn:

  • Making hair products such as hair shampoo, hair spray and after shave
  • Quality control and hair products certification
3 250,000

Skin products making
In this course you will learn:

  • Basics of skin anatomy and physiology
  • Basics of skin diseases
  • Skin products making such as shower gel, smearing jelly, body cream
  • Quality control and skin product certification
3 250,000

How to conduct Secondary school  ‘’O’’ Level practical’s 
In this course you will learn:

  • Physics practical’s  and physics based products
  • Chemistry practical’s and chemistry based products
  15000 per day per head


Apply online :
Interested personnel’s can download the application from here, fill in, scan, and send a filled application form to and copy The application fee of 30,000/= shall be payable on the first day of reporting for the training.